What an internship in IT Risk Advisory looks like

What an internship in IT Risk Advisory looks like

Many organisations are faced with the significant challenge of gaining competitive advantage in the market, while meeting demands and managing reputational and regulatory risks. EY ITRA (IT Risk Advisory), advise clients to make better decisions and build more effective organisations, with technology and risk management strategies.

ITRA provide solutions to EY’s clients in two main streams;

Firstly, through their IT Audit work, which is a great way to gain an understanding of how different clients manage their IT systems, maintain data integrity, and if they are operating effectively. As an intern you will quickly gain a broad knowledge of different systems and different working cultures. You will learn how to ask difficult questions in a professional manner and will gain an understanding of how different areas work together. It is a very structured type of work which will enable you to kick start your career. In IT Audit you will work with various teams from different areas of EY which will also enable you to grow your network.

Secondly, ITRA provide advice to EY’s clients on how best to manage their IT risks. They do this in a number of different ways such as providing them with a current state analysis, frameworks, roadmaps or advising them on which IT controls should be a priority and how these should be implemented.

An internship in ITRA will be varied and challenging and a fantastic training ground to develop new skills. The calibre of people you will work with will make it an excellent place to learn!

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