What to expect on your first day at EY

Joan Mulcahy

What to expect on your first day at EY

The June Bank holiday has come and gone, the leaving cert weather is in full swing and the rest of the college population has jet off for America on the summer of a lifetime. Meanwhile in Dublin, you’re dressed up in your best formal attire about to embrace a summer internship with EY. The excitement is pending, hiding behind imminent nerves. Who knows what’s around the corner but there’s only one way of finding out….

Those were my exact thoughts six weeks previous as I passed through a revolving door into the Westbury. Nerves from not knowing anyone were immediately shut down upon the warm smiles and friendly greeting everyone received from the student recruitment team. Each one of us had to sign in, find our allocated seats, and the hardest part; decide on a pastry to go with our coffee!!!

Our first training day entailed numerous speakers from all backgrounds and levels in EY. Insights of their EY journey were shared with the room as well as any slice of advice they had to offer. One piece that stuck with me was to “Keep on asking questions at every opportunity”. It’s one that I’ve put into practice and by doing so, have found myself already after gaining a wealth of knowledge.

Each of us received our work laptops and a goody bag full of EY merchandise. The rest of the day was spent between setting these laptops up, team challenges, and ice breakers. What I love about EY is the social scene, and that tradition was implemented right from the beginning. Courtesy of EY, all interns were invited to mingle over drinks and appetisers in Whelan’s. Not a bad first day at all!



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