From UCD to Audit Intern - My Year in EY

Eoin Hickey

From UCD to Audit Intern - My Year in EY

When I first clicked ‘accept’ online to take up my internship offer in EY, I never once thought that I would have the year that I’ve just experienced. I didn’t know what to expect from EY, but following my interview, I knew that it was going to be a good year.

Everything was totally different to the typical intern stereotypes that you see on TV; make coffee, scan files, post letters and repeat. From the get-go, we, as interns, were treated like adults. We took our training with the graduate intake for the year, and learned exactly what they learned, giving us the opportunity to really participate and contribute to the work at hand.

“To be honest the learning environment couldn’t have been more diverse and challenging.”

I found myself in the lucky situation of being assigned to the Global Reporting Centre of Excellence (COE) in Dublin’s office for the first 6 weeks of my programme. The COE was an incredible place to start my placement. It gave me great experience in working in a versatile and energetic team in which I could really involve myself and get hands on experience with global clients.

Development is at a premium in EY and there were so many learning experiences that benefited all of us. Working in EY has the brilliant advantage of giving me exposure to global brands such as Google, Walmart, Aon, Coca-Cola and Primark to name but a few. To be honest the learning environment couldn’t have been more diverse and challenging.

Coupled with this major brand exposure is the ability to work with smaller, niche clients, pushing us to exercise and develop our skills. Having such a wide ranging mix of clients gave us an incredibly well-rounded and versatile experience pool to learn from which is invaluable. In a changing working environment where degrees are now commonplace, internships such as the one EY offers are a huge benefit for graduates and will help make them stand out.

The culmination of this learning and development has fortunately lead to a graduate contract being offered to me.

Something which I am only too glad to accept!

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