How to best prepare for your internship interview

Corrina Goode

How to best prepare for your internship interview

Congratulations! Being called for an interview means you’re 75% there. Over a thousand applicants apply for an internship with EY each summer and you have managed to set yourself apart from the rest. Well done!

An interview is a way for you to sell yourself to your potential employer, why they should hire you and what makes you different to everyone else?

Here are my top 7 interview tips:

  1. Know your CV: It’s important to know your CV from top to bottom. Be able to talk about your college work, hobbies, work experiences and skill set.
  2. Skill Set: Have some examples prepared of where you developed skills which can be tied back to the role you are applying for in EY.
  3. Star Format: follow the STAR format for answering competency based questions as it prevents you going off on a tangent. First, you state the particular Situation you found yourself in, tell them what the Task was and what Actions you took, followed by the Result.
  4. Research EY: You need to know about the firm and what they do. It’s important to show interest in their culture and future goals.
  5. Dress Code: Pay attention to your emails, many companies will provide details on the dress code for the interview. For boys, I would recommend a suit and tie while for girls, I would suggest a dress and blazer. The length of the dress should be to the knee or below the knee.
  6. Ask Questions: Prepare 2-3 questions to ask your interviewers. Try avoid common, stereotypical questions, ask questions that will make you be remembered such as showing interest in EY’s Vision 2020 goal.
  7. Dealing with Nerves: if you struggle with nerves a good tip is to practice in front of the mirror as if you are being interviewed, it will help you feel more relaxed on the day.

Remember to relax and be yourself.

Good Luck! 


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