How I secured my internship with EY

Adam Oakes

How I secured my internship with EY

Applying for an internship in EY can seem a daunting process to many, but I’ll share with you my tips on how I secured a summer internship here.


The first thing I did was attend a careers fair in UCD in September. I talked to loads of people from different companies, and the friendliness of the EY staff stood out to me the most. Many overlook this stage and think it’s not really needed, however mentioning this in your application can go a long way. Simply name who you were talking to and what you were talking about. Showing some previous engagement with the company will help you stand out!


The next stage was the online application. A lot of this is ticking boxes to identify where you went to school, your grades, where you’re from etc. The tricky part of this application is the ‘Why do you want to join EY?’ and ‘What interests you about the department you’ve applied for?’
You are limited to 100 words which is very challenging, so I would advise picking one main point and delivering it as best you can.
Potential things you could talk about are:

  1. Training- EY offer excellent training across the board, not just for full time employees. As an intern we got to benefit from lots of workshops that helped develop our soft skills. These skills are very transferrable to almost any industry you work in, and they will make your final year college projects a lot easier!
  2. Clients- EY has some of the world’s biggest companies as their clients, and getting exposure to these companies is invaluable. I’d advise mentioning clients that are specific to the department you’re applying for, so for example, if you’re applying for FSO Assurance, relevant clients would be Banks, Insurance companies and Asset Management firms.
  3. Company Culture- EY is a people oriented company. They have lots of social events and it’s a fun place to work with friendly and social employees.


The final stage is the interview. This is nothing to be worried about, as the interviewers are very friendly and make you feel at ease. Typical questions that are asked include: ‘Why do you want to do the EY Summer Internship?’, ‘Why do you want to work in X department?’ ‘Run me through your CV’. I would also prepare responses where you can give an example of where you demonstrated teamwork skills, leadership skills, creativity, and be able to give applications of these from outside of your college course. You could use experiences from sport, or even a previous job.
So just do some prep work, and go in with a cool head and you’ll be fine!


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