Undergraduate application process

DiscoverEY - Please email studentrecruitment@ie.ey.com to register your interest in Discover EY.

Work Placement Programme - please email studentrecruitment@ie.ey.com to apply

Summer Internship Programme - applications for our 2018 programme are now closed


We understand you’re busy. There are essays, exams, group work, nights out, and obligatory visits home on weekends. You don’t have the spare hours needed to fill out a lengthy application form, listing your every achievement from learning to walk to winning a scholarship. So we’ve redesigned our application form so you only give us the information we absolutely need.

Once you’ve found the programme that suits you, click on the link to APPLY. Here you will find our new application form, where you can tell us all about yourself.

There are no essay type questions you'll be glad to hear! 

Minimum academic requirements

  • You have a minimum of a 2:1 qualification or equivalent – attained or expected
  • You gained a minimum of 425 points 

Using a global system we are bound by some processes that we can’t change on our application form.

However, once you complete the initial registration, you will be finished in less than 15 minutes.

For some top tips before you apply and to learn more about the structure of EY click HERE.


Step 1: New User Registration

On the registration page you must follow the instructions to create your account for the first time, otherwise you will be stuck here for a while.

To get started click ‘New User’.

Step 2: Security Question

This information will help us identify you if you forget your password and need to change it.

Step 3: Resume Upload

Once you’ve registered as a new user, the first page will give you the opportunity to upload your CV or your LinkedIn profile. We have some very specific questions we would like you to answer on the application so we would prefer if you could fill that in instead.

So here just select ‘No thanks, I'll fill out the submission manually’ at the bottom of the page and you can move forward. Don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your CV at the end.

Step 4: Personal Information

This section looks for some Personal Information, so name, address, contact number, that kind of thing. Its unavoidable on most applications so please ensure you complete all of the mandatory fields so you can move forward.

Step 5: Education and Experience

The Education and Experience section requires a bit more attention. We’ll delve into your education in more detail in the Questionnaire section next so just include information on your most recent education.

Further down the page you will see a section on Work Experience but we’d rather hear about your Work Experience on your CV so just click ‘Remove Work Experience’ here and you can move on to the Questionnaire.

Step 6: Questionnaire

Next up you’ll get to the Questionnaire section which you may notice, is a bit more relevant to you. There are approximately 30 quick fire questions here and it is important that you answer each one as accurately as possible.

Step 7: Manage my Attachments

Now it is time to attach your CV. This is the most important part of the online application.  Whether you worked in the corner shop at home or life-guarding on a J1, what did you learn and what skills did you acquire that can transition to your role with EY? We are also keen to see your Leaving Certificate results in more detail here.

Please make sure to have someone check over your CV before you upload it. We don’t want to miss out on the best people because their CV wasn’t up to scratch.

Step 8: Review and Submit

It's worth spending a couple of minutes reading back over what you have included to make sure you are happy – if you are click Submit and then we'll be in touch as soon as we can!

If your application meets our requirements and we feel your strengths will flourish with us then we would love to invite you in for an interview.