STEM Graduates at EY

We have a diverse range of graduates from Nanoscience, Computer Science, Civil Engineering and Industrial Mathematics working across all areas of our business.


Stephen McLoughlin - TCD Medicinal Chemistry 

I studied Medicinal Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin. It was a tough four years but the skills I learned are invaluable to me now even though I work in audit. Probably the most important skill I have become proficient in is working to deadlines, delivering high quality work under pressure. During my four years in chemistry, I consistently had lab report write ups every week on top of studying the course material. Being able to prioritise your work, submit it on time and maintain high standards is an important transferrable skill that can be used in any career you pursue.

Colin Fives - Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials 

I graduated from Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials from Trinity in 2015. Now I work in Data Analytics at the EY Dublin Harcourt Office. As part of my degree, I had to tackle complex ideas like quantum mechanics and photochemistry which helped me hone my problem solving and critical thinking skills. In my final year, I did a four month research project in Montreal which I wrote a thesis about, created a poster and presented data I collected to my lecturers. Learning how to effectively analyse and communicate my results has been paramount to succeeding in EY.

Heather O’Donoghue - TCD Chemistry 

Having a degree in Chemistry has helped me immensely in my new role as a business analyst.  Working in advisory, a lot of my work involves handling large quantities of data related to finances and resources.  Being able to analyse this data in a way that allows it to be presented back to a client comprehensively and in a format they can engage with is vital.  Analysing lab results and studying some statistics throughout my degree has allowed me to be able to do this and has made me very valuable in my team.   


Ciara Mullane - UCC Business Information Systems

I studied Business Information Systems (BIS) in University College Cork. I believe my studies helped to secure a position in the IT Advisory Practice in EY because I have a solid technical grounding in multiple systems such as PowerPoint & Excel which are essential skills for a consultant. Completing Managerial & Financial Accounting modules in college has helped me to better understand the monthly financial re-forecasting process I am responsible for completing in my current role in EY. By participating in multiple group projects in college, it improved my people skills which has made communicating with new people and teams on client site an easier and less daunting task. Finally, I completed a six month international work placement in Boston which gave me the opportunity to gain real work experience in a financial services industry.

Cian Cronin - TCD Management Science and Information Systems Studies

I studied Management Science and Information Systems Studies in Trinity College Dublin which has a focus on solving complex problems for real world business problems. Every day I use skills honed and developed through my study as the largest changes in the business world today are technological innovations requiring businesses to rapidly adapt to a changing environment. Advisory within EY was ideally matched to these qualities as the clients that I work with require consultants with a technical background that are able to adapt and showcase their knowledge in this area.

Pravar Agrawal - UCD Computer Science 

I completed a Masters in Computer Science from UCD and was always interested in something that is related to technology but also with a touch of business/management. EY seemed perfect for this as it is a leading professional services firm which has a massively expanding technology arm. In addition to enhancing my technical skills, I also got a chance to improve my professional skills and gain a deeper insight into how businesses and large organisations work, which I feel is very important in today’s competitive world. Coming from a computer science background definitely helps me in many situations when dealing with clients as I am able to pick up quickly anything related to technology. All in all, no matter which background you come from, there are a lot of opportunities waiting ahead of you!


Chirag Majumder - Civil Engineering SRM University 

I completed my Civil Engineering degree in India and came to Ireland to complete my Masters in Strategic Management in Smurfit Business School. During my inaugural months in Ireland, I applied for the Audit role at EY and luckily was shortlisted for the interview process owing to my analytical skills which I had acquired in my Engineering days.

Audit is nothing but a concoction of various subjects so having acquired the required mathematical and analytical skills from Engineering, I now find it easy to understand the audit and financial calculations. Engineering strengthened my skills and hence paved a way for me to pursue Audit at EY.


Claire Mac Sharry - TCD Mathematics 

I joined EY in September 2015. My degree in Mathematics developed my logical thinking and problem solving skills, both of which are really useful in Analytics. Analytics is all about asking Questions “Is there a better way to approach the problem or a better question to be asked to get an alternative point of view”. We are always exploring new ways to do things here on the Analytics team through using new tools and new techniques. It’s great to be able to use the skills and mind-set I developed in my degree to solve real life problems.

Paul Minogue - DIT Industrial Mathematics

I joined EY’s Data Analytics team in September 2016 upon finishing my in degree Industrial Mathematics at Dublin Institute of technology. My STEM background meant I had all of the skills required to kick-start my career in EY’s Analytics practice.  Since joining the team I have been required to call upon many of the skills I gained while studying mathematics. EY has also enabled me to develop these skills while tackling real world problems as we look to innovate audit through the power of analytics.