Stephen's story

Stephen is 22 and he comes from Balbriggan in North County Dublin. Having worked his way through the ranks in Tesco, he studied Business in the National College of Ireland before joining our Assurance Team in the Financial Services (FS) at EY.

“Having studied Business, I knew I wanted to start my career in an organisation where I could learn more about different businesses, their respective industries and also an organisation which was committed to investing in my career. EY proved to be best fit for me as a firm interacting with a wide range of clients across industries and as a firm, which has a market leading people agenda embedded in its strategy for its future growth.”

He started in the Insurance sub-service line of FS Assurance during his summer internship at EY in 2014. He went back to college as an EY Brand Ambassador, earned his First and rejoined EY on our Graduate Programme. EY and Stephen just couldn’t be kept apart.

“From recruitment to my current work, the teams in EY proved to be friendlier, more approachable and supportive than other firms. I’m a firm believer that the people around you play a very substantial part in job satisfaction. Setting goals and achieving them are important to me. Having the formal structures like a Buddy and counsellor (manager) assigned to me throughout my time in EY enabled me to achieve so much in my first year. Those formal initiatives in combination with the teams I worked with provided me with the supportive network required to learn so much.”

As Stephen’s work in Assurance becomes more complex due to global conditions and disruptive forces there are also technological innovations designed to facilitate him and his work.

“As somebody who loves technology, it’s been exciting to see new technology being rolled out to support me in my role such as new communication and collaboration tools. This supports my teams and I to work remotely from clients offices or at home when the opportunity arises.”

In addition to technological aids, Stephen works with a network of support around him at all times.

“When searching for job opportunities, my aim was to find an organisation which invested in me by way of training and experience. From day 1 of my graduate role I knew I made the right choice. Three weeks induction covering everything from Double Entry Bookkeeping to communication skills along with ongoing training as I progressed in my first year allowed me to build on my Financial Services knowledge including in-depth Insurance sector knowledge. This gives me the technical know how to deal with clients and meet with Financial Directors at this early stage of my career. I believe a good support network is essential to enjoying and succeeding in the job you do.”

Outside of accounting, Stephen is a member of the EY Golf society.

“I was encouraged to join the Golf society where we played the K-Club. There are numerous other societies and networks within EY that help create the unique culture.”

His aim now is to work and travel on every continent. EY can help him with most continents, but are still waiting for the business climate on Antarctica to warm before we open our new office there.

Till then, he has a world of choice with EY.


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