Rob's story

This is Rob. He comes from the Netherlands.

“I moved to Dublin in 2013 to do an MSc in Finance in the UCD Smurfit Business School. Before this I had completed a BSc in Business Economics at Tilburg University.”

Rob also holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering that he earned in the Netherlands too. Rob’s signature looks a little like someone threw a bag of scrabble tiles at the paper.

Rob joined us here in EY in September 2014.

“Originally I started in FS Advisory Performance Improvement but moved to the Risk, and more specifically the Quantitative Analyst Services (QAS) team, in January this year. I moved because it aligns more with my background and interests and because it’s a challenging field with the big changes going on in banks at the moment due to regulatory changes. Also the teams are rapidly growing across EMEIA.”

There are a number of reasons Rob chose to work with EY, and specifically in the Financial Services Organisation (FS). The global integration of FS really appealed to Rob.

“I chose EY after my MSc because the ‘one EMEIA’ aspect really spoke to me, and it’s something you don’t find in the other big four. A friend of mine recently joined a big four firm in Amsterdam and he confirmed that EY’s level of global integration doesn’t exist there. I work with people from different countries a lot, e.g. Belgium, England, Germany, Spain, which makes the engagements more interesting. I think it is nice in general to work in an international environment.”

EY has also endeavoured to engage with its staff more, across all levels. This meant removing barriers, so everyone from intern to partner level have access to one another and can work collaboratively.

“During my interview I was told that EY doesn’t really do levels. This really spoke to me and since I joined I can confirm this to be true. It’s very easy to talk to people who can be much more senior than you and in general they are open to these conversations. Also this leads to a culture where instead of being afraid to ask your manager something, for fear of looking stupid, you have discussions with them to come to a solution together. For me this creates an inspiring work environment.”

The Financial Services sector has afforded Rob the opportunity to work right in the heart of the world’s business world.

“I’d say working for a company like EY, especially in financial services, puts you at the heart of the action. By working in different institutions you get to have a look in many banks’ ‘kitchens’ if you like and this makes the work very interesting. Because you’re in an advisory role this also means you need to be on top of new developments and regulations set by the ECB, EBA, CBI etc. which means you’re always learning and growing in your career. It’s definitely an area that pushes you to invest in yourself. For example, at the moment I’m pursuing a new qualification (Professional Risk Manager). It’s great to see also, that once a person has achieved their specialisation they become more involved in projects across EMEIA and sometimes beyond, which is something I’m really looking forward to doing myself.”

Outside of EY, Rob remains characteristically busy..

“I have pursued and earned my PPL (Private Pilot Licence), which allows me to fly single engine propeller planes anywhere in Europe. (So I can fly to projects in different countries myself ;)). Furthermore I participated in the National Student Challenge whilst studying  in UCD and made it into the final where EY was attending as host of one of the business challenges.”

Rob is a busy, accomplished person, just the kind of of person we like here in EY.


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