Niall's story


I'm Niall and I'm a senior consultant in EY Ireland's Advisory practice.

I’ve been a musician and performer since the age of 8. It’s played such a huge role in my life in the last 20 years, shaping my experiences throughout childhood, the teenage years, college and in my professional career. I was fortunate to be awarded a Choral Scholarship at University College Dublin, where I was studying Commerce and, subsequently, an MA in Economics. The opportunities I was afforded as a Choral Scholar at UCD encouraged me to pursue music as a profession, which I did for 3 years post-college. I was lucky to tour the world as a performer, representing Ireland in a number of prestigious ensembles, including the World Youth Choir.

At EY, I’m encouraged to leverage my creative skills to solve our clients’ complex problems, bringing a different perspective to the table. One of the reasons EY’s Advisory Consulting Programme was my first preference for graduate training is the understanding and appreciation of a work/life balance. This flexibility and constant support allows me to continue singing and, in October 2017, I was delighted to help launch the EY Choir, bringing our People Engagement Agenda to life in a new way.

I'm Niall and my natural talent is performing.

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