Jane's talent


I'm Jane and I'm an IT consultant at EY Ireland.

I have been a tennis player and a strategic thinker since I was 10 years old. While speed and power are important aspects of the game, the best players are those who can problem solve, especially when under great pressure. As a player, I am very predictable. I am a defensive player with no obvious weapons. However, I succeed through exposing the weakness of my opponent. Matches where I have successfully done this to achieve a winning outcome, are the matches that I remember most fondly. I have played players who hit the ball a lot harder than me, have bigger serves and even who are more naturally suited to the game but even still, I have often been able to come out on top by using my head.  

Like anything, practice makes perfect. I have put in hours upon hours on court, working on both my technical and tactical game. I have spent all of my summers, Christmas and midterm breaks competing and playing tournaments, each match providing me with more experience. Win or lose, there was always a take away. Whether it was a noticing a skill that I needed to maintain, or a weakness that I needed to improve, matches continuously gave me a fresh focus.

In EY, clients often come to us with tricky problems that they need solving under fast approaching deadlines. This is very like a game of tennis. For me, it is now second nature to try to find a solution in a short space of time. This allows me to satisfy our clients by maintaining composure and ultimately, providing a winning solution. The problem solving skills that I learned through the game of tennis help me be a better consultant and contribute to EY’s mission to build a better working world.

I'm Jane and my natural talent is strategic thinking.

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