Darian's story

Darian graduated from university in his home province of Newfoundland (that’s in Canada, thank you Google!) in August 2016 with an undergrad in economics and a minor in business. He opted to go to university through the summer to speed up his degree, so work placements were out of the picture. Through studying each summer he managed to graduate in 3 years instead of 5.

“However, while in university I worked with a company pouring/finishing cement floors and another company building residential homes. After that, I got a job in the Supreme Court’s accounting division, and the rest as they say is history.” Going from pouring cement to a job in the Supreme Court seems like an obvious progression!

So where did his story with EY begin?

While I didn’t exactly come from an accounting background I knew from a young age I wanted to move to Ireland and complete my ACAs so in my final year of university I flew to Dublin for interviews.

“I received several offers, however EY were offering a position in hedge funds which particularly interested me as investments and financial accounting would have been interests of mine throughout high-school/university. I also felt the interview with the partner was more honest than my previous ones, the hard hours of audit weren’t sugar coated and I respected that.”

So two weeks after writing his final exams Darian left Newfoundland and moved to Dublin to start his career with EY and he hasn’t looked back.

So what does a day in the life of Darian look like?

Darian works in our wealth and asset management department here at EY which works solely on hedge funds. His work changes day to day and is dependent on which client he is actually working for.

“Recently I’ve been analysing my clients’ portfolios and determining their major investments and industries of interest. I then research the sectors in which the investments are held to identify any risks and determine whether the fund is performing in line with the sector it invests. This task is by far my favourite as I get to correspond directly with clients and expand my knowledge of different industries and global markets while also developing a better understanding of how the funds invest in different market conditions and the strategies they use to overcome downturns.”

Impressively he grew up playing provincial and national level football and rugby. While he no longer has the time to maintain those levels of commitment to sport he’s still big into fitness and keen to stay fit thanks to EY’s free gym membership! ;)

It’s safe to say he has the travel bug and always wanted a career he could travel with. He has backpacked through Thailand, from Bangkok down south into South Vietnam into central Vietnam and then up north to Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa with his friends from EY. Since he arrived here, he claims his most relevant hobby is relearning the English language to adjust to life in Ireland!

Not sure what to make of that last point there but we’re glad he’s landed on his feet in Ireland and more importantly with us here at EY Ireland.

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