Archit's story

Archit, originally from India, has a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Delhi. Since moving to Dublin he has also gained an MSc in Business Analytics from UCD Smurfit Business School.

Before joining EY he was doing his own thing….in a good way! He worked on various different projects which included his own start-ups in India and even an events management firm. This is where he got both his passion and motivation for Analytics. I think it’s fair to say some would say he’s a born innovator and entrepreneur. He has always preferred practical stuff over theoretical stuff. You could say he’s one of the new breed that are now appearing in our Assurance team.

So where did his story with EY begin?

He joined EY in September 2016 and is now working as a Data Analyst.

He’s keen to tell us he had several offers from other tech firms and professional services firms to choose from! In the end he chose EY due to their work culture, people and career pathway and we’re glad he did.

“I was always asked ‘Why EY?’ due to my background but I personally think I made the right choice. Not only do I get the chance to work on new technologies in Analytics but I’m always motivated to think outside the box and to be as creative as possible. I am a big follower of new technology trends and I am happy that I’ve the platform to learn and work on these new trends at EY.”

So what does a day in the life of Archit look like?

According to Archit, no two days are the same at EY…but this is a good thing! He struggles to explain what he does on a daily basis with the amount of change and the sheer breadth of projects on offer. However, his daily work always include creative thinking, whether that’s coding a new program or finding a new analytical strategy for a scalable solution for a client project. He also works on the various new Analytics driven technologies on offer which is exactly what he always wanted to do.

Judging from all of the above who knows where Archit may end up or how far he’ll go.

For now we’re delighted to have him and he’s exactly the kind of person we’re looking to have at EY.

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