Thinking of Teddy - The teamwork theory

Marcus Kelly

Thinking of Teddy -The teamwork theory

On the fourth floor of the Harcourt building, written on the outside facing wall of meeting room 3 is a quote by Theodore Roosevelt,

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

Embracing this ethos is vital to your success in EY and will ensure you gain the most possible from the numerous teams that you’ll find yourself working on.

Forget everything you’ve ever seen in movies and TV shows, disregard whatever horrid experiences you’ve had working on group projects in college and kindly ignore your humble subconscious telling you to keep quiet and ‘know your place’. For the truth of the matter is this, working in a team at EY is completely unique. You will notice very quickly that managers and seniors tend to listen more than speak. In fact they will rely on your ideas, questions and enthusiasm, so be vocal! My number one top tip for working in a team is to be heard. Don’t allow yourself go unnoticed. The best time to bombard everyone around you with questions and queries is when you first arrive because that’s what is expected of you. You’re not supposed to be the top dog yet and it’s important you understand that. You are in an incredibly fortunate position where even your silliest ideas and suggestions will be entertained and that’s exactly where the extraordinary always stems from. Remember Roosevelt’s quote, the worst thing you can do in any situation is nothing. Staying quiet only hinders the team’s success and therefore your own. EY promotes an environment whereby you’ll be afforded the opportunity to work in a team with other graduates, seniors, managers and even partners. Be sure to listen but equally in order to gain the most possible from these experiences, be sure to think of Teddy and speak.