EY Ireland's FY18 Performance

For the fifth consecutive year, we are delighted to announce double-digit growth, with strong performance across all of our service lines with revenues totalling €316 million for Financial Year 18.

Vision 2020

Today’s workplace, as well as our profession, is profoundly different thanks to fundamental changes driven by globalisation and technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility at EY Ireland

Our aim is to work towards 'Building a better working world'.

Employee Experience Award Article

Irish Life’s Simone Macleod-Nairn said of EY’s winning, “HR plays a key role to ensure organisations maximise the potential of their employees through development and learning, motivation and respect for the individual, they need to enable all employees to maximise their performance and aspirations – this is the ‘Employee Experience’. EY demonstrates their dedication to these objectives with the strategies they have in place.”