wavespace™ Dublin

wavespace Dublin is here and the possibilities are truly endless...

Explore innovative ideas, unlock ingenuity and make change happen — faster.

wavespace is EY’s new innovation centre located at the heart of our main business location on Harcourt Street, Dublin. It is a unique space that enables co-creation by bringing together multi-disciplinary talents, unique capabilities and techniques in a collaborative work environment that includes a state of the art auditorium, multiple design studios and an emerging technology lab. 

Innovation is changing the way we all live and work. Why not your career too?

EY Global Innovation teams work across the organisation to help identify, share and scale the best ideas, and to research and explore new technologies. We are constantly asking better questions so that we can drive the innovation that is building a better working world for EY people and clients. We’ll give you the encouragement and support to ask those questions too. To challenge what we do or how we do it; to find a better way.

When you have the ability to explore and innovate, you can produce inspiring results.

EY wavespace is all about inspiring human ingenuity. It accelerates creativity to help organisations thrive in the Transformative Age.

We have a connected global network of wavespace centers in some of the world’s most dynamic and innovative urban areas. In our wavespace centers we help our clients to explore and test ideas, solutions and products — with specialist teams and technologies from virtual reality, to AI, to robotics and more. 

Want to join our wavespace team? Apply here!