Making the move to EY

Vincent O'Keeffe

Making the move to EY

I joined EY in May 2015 as a Senior Consultant. Prior to this, I had spent five years working for a large Multinational Technology Company as a Financial Analyst.

As this Financial Analyst role was my first since finishing college, I didn’t know whether it was the best or worst job in the world. I wanted to try a number of varying roles and thought that becoming a consultant would allow me this opportunity. I also believed that a role in consulting could be the most suitable career path to take in an effort to build my experience and knowledge across varying industries and organisations.

Why EY?

After giving a lot of thought and consideration as to which of the consultancy firms to join, I settled on applying for a role as an experienced hire within the Advisory Financial Performance Improvement team. Initially, there were a number of reasons why I chose EY but the main ones were due to the size of the firm, its vision for growth and its global reach. I also wanted to work in a firm that would provide me with roles where I could utilise and also build on my Management Accountant and Project Management qualifications. After completing my initial interview I was confident that EY would be the correct fit for me. Luckily, the interviewers thought the same!

Why it was the right move

My journey to date in EY has genuinely been amazing. I have gained vast experience across multiple industries, in multiple roles, across multiple countries. I have been afforded the opportunity on a daily basis to utilise my qualifications and previous experience. I have been given the chance to shape my job role and there is great transparency, direction and support regarding career progression. There is flexibility in the role and management are genuinely huge advocates of ensuring the team have a healthy Work Life Balance.

All in all, if you are looking for a role that is varied, challenging and allows you to grow both your experience and career – I would recommend joining the EY Advisory team!

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