How I found myself working in Customer and Digital

Shane Rooney

How I found myself working in Customer and Digital

I joined EY in July 2016 having previously worked primarily in Telecommunications in Ireland. Making the decision to move in to professional services from industry was daunting at first. When I met the Customer and Digital Directors and learned about the journey the competency were on as well as the opportunities at EY, my decision was made easier. The projects and clients EY works with as well as their reputation and diversity has made the transition from industry a smooth one.

On my first day I was met by a colleague from the Customer and Digital team and later by the other members of the team to welcome me in at lunch, an overwhelmingly positive experience and one I still remember. It was a nice gesture and made me feel right at home and a part of the team straight away. I have worked in other organisations with fantastic people cultures, however I have never seen the honesty and the attention to the people culture as I have seen at EY. There is a drive to continuously improve the process from management cascading down to competency and teams in order to improve everyone’s wellbeing and experience at work.

Consultancy is intense, demanding and requires focus and attention but there is one thing that is evident and that is the focus in EY on the whole picture, leveraging every person to their strengths and challenging them to unlock and find their potential. If you have the interest and the energy there are untold opportunities to learn and grow both yourself and your career but also to provide your expertise as everybody has a contribution to make. While there are Managers, Senior managers, Directors and Partners the approachability and openness across the business is inspiring in EY, everyone always works to try help one another. Not only can we leverage skills locally we can do so internationally, broadening our network and exposing us to new ways of working and thinking across international borders.

Day to Day, project to project my role as a Senior Consultant both internally in the team and externally on client site can change and transform, allowing me to gain insight in to new fields and industries but also leveraging my experience from industry and providing that insight to clients. EY and the Customer and Digital team have provided me the support and framework for upskilling through constant training, internal secondment opportunities and project work in order to ensure you grow as a person and as a professional.

So far I have enjoyed the journey and change in career, it has opened new opportunities and helped focus me on what I want from my career. If you are looking for a change and you have the passion, enthusiasm, skills, drive and energy then please apply EY are constantly looking for outstanding talent to come and join the team. And who knows maybe I will be the colleague who meets you on your first day.

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