Three reasons to grow your career at EY

Leigh Pottinger

Three reasons to grow your career at EY

I joined EY as a Manager in October 2016, having originally started my career in strategy consulting, and later working in a mix of start-ups and large e-commerce and media organisations. It was almost like coming full circle!

"I genuinely enjoy coming to work with the people I see every day."

Reflecting on the past eight months, there are a few ways in which EY has really stood out to me as a place to grow my career.

  • Steep Learning Curve: I love a challenge and EY has never been short of these. Between the number of relationships EY holds across Irish industries, the size of the firm, and our speed of growth, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. In our work, we move across sectors and capability areas and engage with different clients and team members on a regular basis, who may help you to see things from an entirely different perspective or share insights they have gained through a set of experiences that are unlike mine.
  • People Matter: Many organisations I have worked with talk a lot about people engagement and work-life balance, but when it comes down to it, invest very little in understanding what this means across the diverse group of individuals that make up their teams. This is a priority set from the top level of EY Ireland and this translates into accountability for people engagement across a wide range of roles. I feel my voice has been heard on a number of occasions and I’ve seen action taken to improve my own experience and commitment to our success. The culture is also very collegial and I genuinely enjoy coming to work with the people I see every day.
  • Unique Opportunity: Since originally moving out of management consulting, I increasingly became passionate about understanding customers and using this insight to improve their experiences and drive measurable business results. However, working in industry wasn’t providing me with the variety of problems to solve that I had become accustomed to while working in professional services. The Customer & Digital team at EY is the first team I have come across where I can apply my passion at a strategic level and continue to move across such a wide range of contexts. This is priceless!

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