From South Africa to Dublin, Ireland

Kyle Hanck


From South Africa to Dublin

I joined EY Dublin as an Audit Assistant Manager in January this year, having previously worked in the EY South Africa practice for four years. I currently work in the telecommunications sector.

Why Ireland?

In an increasingly globalised world, it has long been my ambition to work abroad – an opportunity to interact with different people and cultures, to travel, to share and gain insights about business that one would not necessarily have gained in one’s home country, and most importantly to enhance one’s professional development. Ireland, specifically, has extremely exciting prospects with a consistently expanding economy, an attractive country for big business and the opportunity to work on the audits of some of the biggest companies in the world. Furthermore, as a primarily English-speaking person, there is the added benefit of Ireland being an English-speaking country, thereby nullifying any language barrier concerns one may have when moving abroad.

What is it like working in Ireland?

Working in Ireland is definitely different to what I was used to. There is an eclectic mix of cultures within the office with colleagues originating from all over Ireland, Europe, Asia and Africa. This diverse group of people makes for interesting work, knowledge transfer and sharing of customs and traditions. In addition, this diversity makes it easier to settle in as an expat – you are not a complete outsider as there are many expats within the business who are able to guide and support you.

One of the things I enjoy the most about working in the Dublin office is the support that I have received from the Senior Managers and Partners. They are very approachable and they take a keen interest in one’s move – ensuring that you have settled-in, that you are becoming accustomed to and enjoying your new job, and supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Has the move been all plain sailing?

It would be naïve to think that moving to a foreign country half-way around the world has not been without its challenges. One of the biggest challenges was navigating the Dublin rental accommodation market – there is a huge demand for accommodation in the city which far exceeds supply and leads to expensive apartments with minimal facilities. Furthermore, in most cases, one leaves one’s family and loved ones behind, which is difficult to adjust to at first. However, there is a great support network, particularly from your fellow expats, who are there to help you and guide you through any difficulties.

Was it the right move?

Definitely yes! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with EY Ireland so far and I am looking forward to the journey ahead. To date I have been afforded several opportunities that have grown my experience as well as my career. I would strongly recommend joining EY Ireland!

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