Being an EA at EY

Karine Keogh


Being an EA at EY

It seems like yesterday that I came for an Interview in EY... I knew I would stay. Nine months have passed, and I have learned so much, not just about the company, but how to be part of an actual purpose and apply this in my day to day job.

"Building a better working world" is EY's goal.

As an Executive Assistant, my job is to make my Executive's life run smoothly, in the background, so they can concentrate on what matters the most: delivering an exceptional service to EY's clients. And I am proud of that.

If you are looking for "peace and quiet" type of work, EY may not be for you. There is never a dull moment in an Executive Assistant's life around here. We can go from a last-minute meeting request, that requires a catering, to organising an event in 2 days. We love adventures! (And busy calendars!) Did you ever think about becoming a meeting-room guard or have to carefully watch the expenses from your Executive's team? Yes, we do all that, and much more. Believe me!

My favourite thing about EY is that your interests, your curiosity, and your ability will set your pace and you will have the opportunity to get involved in varied projects – outside your service line, which means; getting to know more about the business – and even helping to shape the future of our company, or becoming a member of one of our diversity & inclusion networks, for example.

To make it clear, we work hard, but we do have lots of fun and recognition along the way!

The majority of the time, as Executive Assistants, we take care of everyone, but EY is proud to invest and develop our people, so we have exposure to a vast portfolio of courses, training & counsellors – that all help us to keep focused and plan our future! There is always someone looking after us as well!

So, whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.

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