How I found myself working in PI Finance

Hannah Tedore

As a student studying Accounting and Finance, I was completely oblivious to the scale of career opportunities that were already at my finger tips. As do most students in this field, I had always thought that I’d finish my degree and then train to become a qualified chartered accountant specialising in either tax or external audit. 

With this in mind, I successfully applied to EY’s summer internship programme within the assurance department specialising in external audit. It was a fantastic opportunity at the time and it was only really when I entered the doors of EY that I began to understand the many different services that the firm offered. It was then when I decided to grasp the summer internship as an opportunity to really learn about the different sub-service lines within the firm and I began to meet with people from different pockets within the business. I met with individuals for coffee, went for drinks after work. I even got to know people in the lift who belonged to different floors than I did. I did whatever it took to understand as much as I could about the business in the three months I had there.

I soon began to hear about EY’s Advisory department which essentially offers business consultancy services. Consultancy was an option that I had never explored however, as soon as I heard about it, it immediately enticed me as I love working with people and the idea of instilling positive change to organisations. Not only did EY provide consultancy services but indeed, they offered consultancy services specialising in finance performance improvement – to me it was the perfect fit. I applied to interview for a graduate contract within Advisory Finance Performance Improvement which was a success and I am proud to say I have now been working within my team for just over 3 years now.

Working in consultancy within finance performance improvement is a very exciting place to be at the moment. It requires skills sets from both sides of the spectrum from analytical and technical skills to people and leadership skills which means I’m developing skills in all areas every day.

In addition to being a great place for development, what’s important to me is that companies need us. The role of the finance function within organisations is evolving faster than ever before mainly due to advances in technology, globalisation, and the growing emphasis on efficiency and innovation.  Within this shifting environment of uncertainty, companies look to our team of advisors to help them transform their finance function to not only thrive in today’s challenging environment but to survive.  

Working with CFOs of some of the world’s largest leading corporations, Advisory Finance Performance Improvement is a hugely beneficial place to start your career or to leverage experience if you are an experienced hire. We are growing as a team as the demand for our services continues to rise so if you’re interested in what we do and think you have what it takes, please get involved in our application process.

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