Engaging with the EY culture

Maria Tierney

Engaging with the EY culture

When I first joined EY, I was surprised at how much EY invested in creating a strong diverse and inclusive work culture for their employees. Now, two years later, I understand why. 

EY believes a diverse workplace delivers better results. They understand the importance of respecting and valuing the individual exactly how they are. This I feel is one of the top reasons why EY attract and retains outstanding people. Employees want to feel accepted, appreciated and respected in the workplace and EY has built a culture that embodies this ideal. EY creates an environment where everyone feels, and are, valued, where they are able to bring their differences to work each day, and where they contribute their personal best in every encounter.

EY understands that everyone is different and they think broadly about differences; they include background, education, gender, ethnicity, nationality, generation, age, working and thinking styles, religious background, sexual orientation, ability and technical skills. By leveraging these differences, we can achieve better results and deliver a higher quality of service to our clients.

From my experience working in the Advisory department, EY maximises the power of different opinions, perspectives and cultural references. This focus on diversity and inclusiveness is integral to how EY serves clients, develops people and plays a leadership role in communities.

Advisory D&I Committee

In Advisory, there is a special society set up which aims to connect people from different backgrounds and ensure that everyone, regardless of their differences, feels supported in EY. Anyone is welcome to join this society and they run a variety of different events throughout the year.


An important piece of EY’s diversity and inclusiveness agenda is related to the advancement of women. “Women, fast forward” is EY’s unified platform and marketplace response to the accelerated achievement of gender parity, and it is gaining momentum.

EY are focused on women inside and outside EY, including: women in the workplace, women in leadership, women entrepreneurs and women athletes. EY was the official sponsorship of Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 which was held in Ireland last August.


EY’s Unity Committee are dedicated to supporting EY’s LGBT community. They have sponsored and marched in the Dublin Pride parade for the last two years, showcasing EY’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace for all of our people.

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