Dublin’s global reporting center of excellence gets active for Alzheimer’s

Dublin’s Global Reporting Center of Excellence Gets Active for Alzheimer’s.

Our Global Reporting Center of Excellence (CoE) team recently got together to organise a fun and worthwhile charity event. We decided to embark on a Spin-A-Thon. For this event we had teams of two competing in fifteen minute slots to cycle the furthest distance. On the day of the occasion it became obvious that the morning’s events were going to have a sharp competitive edge with two of our data analysts Eoghan Casey and Paul Minogue setting the standard cycling an impressive 18.6km between them in their fifteen minute allocated slot. Despite the December chill, temperatures in the CoE began to soar as people began to rediscover their inner athlete and began peddling zealously in a bid to beat the distance reached by Eoghan and Paul.


By mid-morning it was the turn of CoE Senior Sean Noone and Manager Nicola Burke. Both were very open regarding their desire to win the competition outright and from the second they sat on the bikes their hunger was unmistakable. At no stage throughout the fifteen minutes did they comprehend anything outside of their challenge – to cycle a combined distance of more than 18.6km. By the end of their gruelling slot they were exhausted but satisfied having cycling 19.1km. The proud pair got off the bikes content in the knowledge that they were leading the competition and there were very few teams left to participate which minimised the risk of their number one position being overturned.

Colin Fives and Gary Lynch are relatively new joiners to the CoE. They make up part of the Fraud Investigation Dispute Services (FIDS) team and were happy to come into the competition somewhat under the radar. They were the only team in the competition who engaged in numerous stretching activities before sitting on the bikes. This should have been the first indication as to how seriously they were taking this contest. Colin and Gary were relentless in their ambition to win and after fifteen minutes of relentless exertion they were crowned the winners of the CoE Spin-A-Thon 2016. They managed to cycle a remarkable 20km between them.

The day was a huge success and we managed to raise €176.40 for the Alzheimer’s Society which EY is going to match. Following the day’s events we had a much deserved team Christmas social outing which was a great opportunity for the group to unwind after what was an exciting and challenging day!



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