How I found myself working in IT Advisory

Dean Philpott

How I found myself working in IT Advisory

My background is one of Finance. It’s what I studied at university and it’s the industry in which I completed all of my internships prior to graduation. One could say, that working in Technology had never even crossed my mind.

On joining EY’s Advisory Consulting Programme, I soon found myself aligned to the Performance Improvement Finance competency within Advisory; a natural fit for both my interests and previous experience.

The client projects I worked on initially saw me creating financial models for business cases, which allowed me to build on and use knowledge I had gained while at university, which was exactly the type of work I was looking to do at the time. However, once you work at EY you soon realise that opportunities for personal development are endless, with many different paths for forging your career available to you, and it was down one of these paths that I set about my journey into IT Advisory!

I was halfway through my first year with the firm, and an opportunity for a consultant level resource opened up at a client for whom I had previously carried out work for. However, this time, instead of financial modelling work, the position was for a business analyst to assist them with the development of a Content Management, Payment and Workflow based system. As a business analyst I acted as the mediator between the business and technology sides of the organisation, by gathering the business’ requirements and proposing solutions to meet their needs through technology enablement.

By nature this project belonged to our Technology Transformation sub-competency, which allowed me the opportunity to work alongside a team of EY colleagues from IT Advisory. The coaching and mentoring that I received each day from my fellow colleagues was vitally important at such an early stage in my career, and in addition to this, they constantly presented me with opportunities for growth and added responsibility, which started to drive my ambition to further my career within and learn as much as I could about technology. After a short period of time on this project, I made the transition into IT Advisory, and I have not looked back since!

I hope you get a sense from my story that IT Advisory is not only for those with an IT background, but more for those who can apply and adapt their skillsets to suit any situation. Regardless of your background, you will always have the opportunity to develop and learn at EY.

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