Customer and Digital - Advisory Performance Improvement

The Customer and Digital team is...

...made up of leaders in the space who are passionate about helping our clients grow value through increasing customer lifetime value.

Technology is transforming customer experiences and expectations and it's happening faster all the time. To keep up with customers who are increasingly empowered in this fast-paced digital world, the Customer and Digital team look for ways our clients can revolutionise their customer strategies and create customer relationships that lead to unwavering loyalty.

We are looking for experienced professionals who are passionate about digital transformation and demonstrate the value it plays across both businesses and consumers. The right person should possess a combination of deep business, functional, technical and change expertise, have a track record in the field of digital and possess the refined consulting skills required to enable our clients to overcome the most complex of business problems.

A successful candidate can grasp a client challenge or obstacle immediately and then collaborate to deliver the right sized solution effectively and efficiently. An interest in optimising products, marketing activity, distribution patterns and interaction approaches for improved customer experience is essential. As is an ability to identify and pursue change that can drive real value for our clients creating better, more satisfying journeys for their customers.

To deliver this change, successful candidates should have expertise in applying the tools and methods used and have had exposure to and/or experience of: digital strategy design, customer strategy design, customer experience programs, understanding and applying customer value management approaches and channel transformation. Candidates should be fervent proponents of optimised customer experience and understand the associated levers in improving these interactions for customers in Business to Consumer, Business to Business and Peer to Peer environments.


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