The CoE - Disrupting Global Statutory Reporting

Rebecca Wade


The CoE - Disrupting Global Statutory Reporting

The word vibrant can sometimes be over used by companies when trying to describe office culture. I do not think this however is the case when describing EY Dublin’s Global Reporting Center of Excellence (CoE). Here in the CoE we like to think that our office is not only aesthetically different to other areas in the firm but also has its own strong identity.

The office itself is comprised of approximately forty people with a healthy mix of qualified accountants, data analysts and a small number of people in support roles. The people come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds each bringing something different to the table. They are a really talented bunch of people who get to work closely with some of the biggest companies in the world.  The CoE is going through a period of growth. We’ve got a good blend of seasoned EY people, as well as others who are relatively new to the firm. We often have new joiners many of whom are coming from international backgrounds and are looking for change but also looking to utilise their knowledge and expertise in new ways. Thankfully I can also add that within the CoE work life balance exists and is respected at all levels.

Within the CoE we work with a number of core teams including reporting transformation, robotics, coordination and operations. As well as this, the Senior Management are very active in pursuing new business which can mean that trips to meet potential clients in locations such as Los Angeles, Singapore & Seattle are a regular occurrence for the group. We often present for other senior figures within the firm as well as potential and existing clients. These frequent high level visitors to the office can create a real buzz and air of excitement. The group are really good at working together to ensure a successful client experience – it’s really nice to see how the ever expanding team still all come together as a unit for the benefit of the CoE as a whole. This is also a reflection on the relationships the management team have with the entire group. They are conversational, encouraging and supportive of people’s ambitions and endeavours which is refreshing and also ensures the group morale is maintained.

As a relatively new joiner I can very openly and honestly reveal that this is a fun group. There is a social club which try to meet at least once per month. There are also in house activity days which regularly take place such as charity spin-a-thons, the Friday quiz and culture days.

To conclude I would like to say that the CoE is a fast paced and exciting environment to work in but that’s clichéd. Instead I’m going to say that the CoE is what you make it. The opportunities which exist for professional growth are just as focal as the opportunities for personal growth and friendship. In my eyes it’s perfectly balanced.

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