My move from Audit to the CoE

Laura Reidy

My move from Audit to the CoE

My EY journey began in 2010 when I completed an 8 month work placement in the Audit department in EY Dublin. This was an invaluable experience and I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to complete my training contract in EY Cork. Three and half years of exams and work flew by and I finished my training contract in April 2016.  For personal reasons I had planned to move to Dublin after my training contract, so I started to explore what else EY had to offer. This is how my move to EY’s Global Reporting Center of Excellence (CoE) came about in August 2016. The Partners and team I worked with in the Cork office were fully supportive of my move and the transfer couldn’t have been smoother. Also, given that I was already familiar with Dublin from my training contract the move was less daunting than it might have been otherwise.

Why CoE? For me there were many reasons. Firstly, I wanted a new challenge and I knew that I would have the opportunity to work with the firm’s largest global audit clients providing innovative solutions to global statutory reporting. Also, the CoE is a fast growing department which in turn creates a lot of exciting opportunities. We work with people across the globe, from many different cultures and backgrounds, such as data scientists, who bring different views and perspectives to the table. Working with the CoE Data Analytics team allows us to drive innovation into the global statutory audits through data capture, automation, robotics and deployment of data analytics at scale.

Worklife balance is something that is very important to me and I am happy to say that the CoE provides this. There are lots of social events organised throughout the year, both in and outside of the office, which allows you to get to know everyone in an informal setting. These events, along with our open floor plan, help to create an open and collaborative environment.

Finally, the personal development that is available within the CoE is excellent, I was promoted to manager in October 2017, and although this has brought lots of exciting challenges, I feel I have great support every step of the way!

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