Life in the CoE - Cultural Food Day

Christina Gallagher

Life in the CoE - Cultural Food Day

On Friday 16th February Dublin’s Global Reporting Center of Excellence (CoE) held its second ‘Cultural Food Day’. The CoE is fortunate enough to have a large number of international employees. Our team members come from locations such as Pakistan, Philippines, India, America, Venezuela, Poland and of course Ireland. This aim of today was to bring the group together for a fun interactive team event with the added bonus of trying some delicious dishes from across the globe. A special thank you has to be given to our amazing volunteers who shared stories of local cuisine and tradition from their homes.

Some of the highlights for me were learning about the beautiful hiking trails in New Hampshire and Brian’s very informative and witty piece on the famous Waterford Bla bread (which by the way has a shelf life of only four hours!), as well as learning some words in Tagalgog, Udru (an Austronesian language spoken as a first language by a quarter of the population of the Philippines and as a second language by the majority).

For the final aspect of the event we decided to have a little bit of fun calling it the ‘CoE Irish Name Game’. For this we had a slide show with Irish names such as Sadhbh and Muireann and sought to find out how some of our international employees would choose to pronounce these names. This was a hugely enjoyable part of the event which generated plenty of laughter among the group.

Today’s event served as the perfect opportunity to engage more with our rapidly expanding team. The atmosphere was electric with conversation flowing amongst the group and everyone helping themselves to some of the delicious offerings available! I can honestly say that the ‘Friday feeling” well and truly took over the office. As the event ended and I made my way back to my desk with a belly full of delicious food and a smile on my face I realised just how fortunate I am to work with this amazing group of individuals!

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