From Industry to EY's CoE

Brian McGovern

From Industry to EY's CoE

When making the decision to move from my role in industry in Cork to practice in Dublin, I was determined to get the next step of my career right. There are many great companies in Dublin, but when I picked up the phone to EY’s Assurance Recruiter, Sinead, and talked for a little bit about the great work being done by a small team in Dublin called the Center of Excellence (CoE), I grasped the opportunity to meet with the team.

Before I made my final decision, I was given the opportunity to step inside the door of the CoE and was immediately struck by beautiful, colourful art work all around the office. It was distinct, creative and not at all self-conscious about being different. It felt like the team in the CoE went out of their way to help me understand that this was a place where I would be welcome. I never felt that I was dealing with a big corporation, just good people. I phoned Sinead straight after that conversation, and told her my mind was made up. I wanted to join EY.

Transforming Statutory Audit is the mission of the CoE, a team of 100+ people with a unique blend of team skills. Our customers are some of the biggest companies in EY’s global network of clients. We solve real customer problems through innovation and iteration, we use best in class technology and capabilities to tackle those problems in new ways. It’s the type of ambitious place that I enjoy working in.

Much of my time so far has been spent working with teams in far flung places like Boston, Munich, Shanghai and Sydney. Staying connected with our huge global network is one thing, but the real trick is to turn that connection into insight and value add for EY and our clients. The CoE is a place for good listeners, people who can truly understand a customer’s problem and who have the capability to chart out the best solution for them, maybe that’s connecting them with the right person, automating a time consuming process or setting a progressive strategy for the annual global statutory audit.

The important sentiment for me is that the CoE is an honest and open team environment, we share our problems, and always work together to make things better. I definitely don’t regret my decision to join EY and the CoE!

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