Making the Move to EY Ireland's Center of Excellence

Cindy Wang

Making the Move to EY Ireland's Center of Excellence

July 22nd 2015 – the day when I first set foot on the continent of Europe. I still remember the moment when the plane sliced through the clouds, the island appeared near in the distance covered in green. I remember feeling extremely excited and thought to myself “Hello Ireland! This is the start of a brand new adventure!”

Making the move is definitely one of the most significant decisions in my personal and professional life. If we can just backtrack for one moment – I started my professional career in the San Francisco Bay area Assurance Practice in 2010. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley I was never foreign to the concept of motivation and globalisation. The thought of being able to work and experience life in Europe had always been something which I thought I would like to do however I was unsure how it would be feasible.

Some of my mentors were either from Europe or had completed a global exchange program. As they divulged tales from their experiences and spoke of same with such fondness I became more and more interested in taking part in an international assignment. When the opportunity arose I grabbed it without hesitation. Sure - at times the prospect of the move was daunting but it was at the same time incredibly exciting. I relished the thoughts of packing up my old life and moving into a world of uncertainty. It was with the continuous support of my family, friends, counsellor and colleagues that this move was made so much easier and more enjoyable for me.

As the Center of Excellence (CoE) is a relatively new business area I tend to get a lot of questions regarding what we actually do here. I see myself as a connecter, an innovator and a problem solver. As a trained auditor I was used to seeing the world in a very structured way. The past 16 months in the CoE has really broadened my horizons. Since joining the team I have enjoyed

-        working with the firms largest and most significant clients

-        becoming part of a team which includes some of EY’s best talent

-        getting frequent exposure to executive management from some of the most reputable companies from around the world.

-        being involved in innovative projects which set trends for the audit of the future.

I savour the moments when the CoE or CoE products are mentioned in regional internal meetings or in global international publications. I become awash with pride knowing that I am part of that globally recognised team. I will also add that these moments are becoming more and more frequent!

Camaraderie has always been a common theme at EY. The CoE embodies this spirit through and through.  As an expat this kind of support has been critical in making my assignment a success.

If you take a tour through the office it won’t take long for you to realise how diverse and open the group is; almost like a mini United Nations.

We have an open floor plan, everyone is happy to help and express their opinions & ideas. After working here for a few months you will quickly find yourself embracing different perceptions and thoughts. Executive members of the team are always approachable and readily make themselves available for coaching and providing guidance. Being able to work closely with them and seeing how they handle challenging situations with poise is for sure one of the best experiences in my career. Being trusted to exercise judgement and to solve problems on our own provides a solid ground for young striving professionals like myself to learn & grow fast.

On a personal level living in Europe is for sure a once – in – a – lifetime experience. Instead of having a weekend in the Tahoe Mountains I can easily hop on a short flight and have a relaxing beach day in the Greek Islands or treat myself to a walk through ancient Roman ruins or art galleries or even the northern lights in Iceland.

Aside from all of the travelling I have met some of the most incredible people who I think will be my friends for life.

Looking back I can honestly say this has been one of the most amazing and enriching experiences!



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