What EY looks for in a candidate for IT Advisory

Ciara Mullane

What EY looks for in a candidate for IT Advisory

IT advisory is made up of group of people who are focused on helping clients understand and interact with the constantly changing technological environment. The aim is to advise clients on how best to use IT to meet business objectives. In order to help clients achieve these objective, there are core skills that EY will look for.

Ideally, having obtained a third level education in IT such as Computer Science or Management Information systems is favourable but not a requirement. I myself joined IT Advisory one year ago after completing a degree in Business Information Systems. I could be described as the poster for child for IT Advisory due to my background (and the fact that I am from Cork) but there are countless people from varied non-technological backgrounds in IT Advisory. Having a basic understanding in technology and an interest in current technological trends will help set you apart. Keeping up to date with these trends ensures that you can engage and be involved in meaningful conversations whether it is with a client in the five minutes to spare before a meeting or with colleagues at social events.

However, personal skills are as important as technical skills. Communication is everything. Being able to communicate ideas clearly to a team internally or to clients effectively is key to making our services worthwhile.  Teamwork; IT Advisory is made up of a vast range of diverse teams, so demonstrating collaborative abilities within a team is essential. Flexibility is a core attribute. You are out with different clients with different cultures and environments all of the time, so the ability to adapt accordingly is key.  Motivation, enthusiasm to get the job done. IT Advisory look for passionate people whose focus remains on achieving the highest standards and the best outcome.

Finally culture is important within IT Advisory. There are multiple social events and regular meetings to ensure everyone stays connected while out on client site. IT Advisory are looking for someone who will embrace this outgoing and inclusive culture and make an effort to be an active member within the competency and get to know people.

If the above sounds like something you would like to be a part of, apply today to experience what IT Advisory can offer you.

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