My unusual journey to EY’s Infrastructure & Government team

Anthony Rourke

My unusual journey to EY’s Infrastructure & Government team

Every good story should have a beginning, a middle and definitely an end!

The Beginning

I started life as an academic. An economics lecturer to be precise and I always envisaged this would be the path I would take – PhD, research, journal papers, teach...BUT I was advised given my specialist area – finance – to go get a job in the real world for some experience before settling on a final PhD topic. So I did. In a bank!


As a stepping stone into the financial sector (and to soften the blow of the “real world”) I took up a role in a bank in its strategy department, writing Board papers on different topical issues affecting the banking world. However, I soon became a ‘proper’ debt provider and found a love for project finance, developing large infrastructure and energy projects. The intellectual challenge (and the better pay!) soon ended by burgeoning academic career aspirations. 17 years passed!


I now find myself in EY, on effectively my third career. Given my infrastructure experience the opportunity to join this new team in EY was too exciting to turn down.  I’m not here too long but I’m loving the change and the challenge adapting to life in professional services. (And I’m sure this is just the end – for now…)

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