EA Life in EY

Anne-Marie Durcan


EA life in EY

I joined EY in October 2017, on the recommendation of a former colleague.  My choice was based on their positive experiences within EY.  I was hesitant to leave a permanent position in case the move wasn’t the right one for me.  Thankfully I haven’t looked back. 

I have enjoyed discovering the positive aspects of working as a valued Executive Assistant with EY. 

Work Life Balance

In EY there is no expectation to work long hours.  Simple operational models, such as having cover paths in place, greatly reduces stress and means there’s no drastic rush to get all of your work done before taking annual leave. 

Productive & Organised Work Environment

While my role is busy, it’s not stressful or demanding.  I support two partners in Financial Services, Performance Improvement.  Everyone does their best and strives to improve, focusing on what’s right and focusing on what we can improve upon.  It’s a positive environment where doing well is celebrated. 

On a practical side – we’re very much a paperless office, we have lots of space to work, and we work from laptops. 

EY is a diversity and inclusiveness work environment.  We celebrate and encourage this as best we can.

Learning Opportunities and Personal Development

Lots of training courses are offered from using CRM systems to marketing tools.  These all make work more efficient and it’s always good to learn a new skill. 

EY Ability Network and Volunteering

I’m a firm believer in charity teamwork events and giving back to the local community.  This year I am volunteering in a local national school by helping to create a school yard mural. 

I am a proud internal ambassador for the EY Ability Network and an EY Global Purple Champion. I promote and advocate for ability awareness and support within EY.  By facilitating conversations and participating in the EY Ability Network, I benefit from helping others in making EY a better working world. 


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