My Path to EY

Adam Bunyan

My Path to EY

While my path to EY may be seen as quite straightforward in comparison to a lot of the other graduate stories, who all seemed to study rocket science or botany. Hopefully this can provide some insight as to why business or graduates of similar other programmes should choose EY ahead of other alternatives.

I did the summer internship in EY Advisory after my third year of studying BESS in Trinity College Dublin. To be honest my aims going into the internship were to get some proper work experience to help me boost my CV ahead of final year, and get a better idea of what I actually wanted to do after graduating. It ended up being a great three months, I put myself out there and tried to get to know as many people as possible in the department and among the intake, and was lucky enough to take on good roles on several very interesting projects.

So going into my final year I was very happy to have an offer from EY to come back and work in PI Finance. I flirted with the idea of going to work in a tech company and decided a sales or customer related role wasn’t for me, despite the obvious perks. I didn’t want to go to London to work in banking as the stresses of the job didn’t appeal to me. Most other people in BESS were going to work in Audit in the Big 4. An accounting qualification has very strong merits, but I didn’t fancy the nature of the day to day work in Audit or Tax.

I decided to return to EY and elected for PI Finance as my competency. In PI Finance we are encouraged to pursue an appropriate qualification (ACA, ACCA, or CIMA). I’ve elected to do ACCA exams and have been backed financially and with generous study leave by EY to help me achieve this. An ACCA qualification will help me further my own career, while also boosting my competencies to help clients with their finance related needs – helping me work on projects I have a stronger interest in, and EY win more work. It’s win-win! I also prefer the day to day work I do in Advisory. It’s more future focused, concentrating on solving client problems and looking forward at how we can streamline their operations and achieve their objectives. I’d definitely recommend EY Advisory, and more specifically PI Finance to any graduates that are keeping their options open at the moment.

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