Sustainability Day at EY - An intern's view

Charles Crowley

Sustainability Day at EY  - An intern's view

At EY we live by our motto of “Building a better working world”. As a global company with over 230,000 employees in 150+ countries we know that our actions make a real and lasting impact on the clients we work with, the communities we live in, and the teams we’re part of.

EY constantly strives to see how we can improve and innovate within our work and our culture so we can deliver sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That’s why we at FSO (Financial Services Organisation) EMIEA want to make people aware that sustainability is a pathway to inclusive growth and profitability and everyone has a role in making this possible.

To celebrate Sustainability Day the EMEIA FSO team organised multiple events and initiatives to further sustainable development for;

1. Our Clients: who look to us for innovative solutions to add value to their businesses. We will guide them through the enormous reputational risks to companies identified as unwilling to adapt to this new reality. At the same time, those companies that are capable of achieving genuine first-mover status may find a stakeholder base with a significantly heightened appreciation of the value of their actions.

2. Our People: for our Sustainability Day we ran an awareness campaign which involved posters, an online quiz and webinar, sustainable development goals questionnaire, ALONE collection boxes, and a cycle or walk to work initiative. There were prizes of a reusable EY water bottle and a Fairtrade chocolate bar. All of which both heightened awareness and made a real impact on the environment and the charity, ALONE.

3. Our Communities: we print some 150,000 pages per week in FS Dublin, our aim is to reduce this to 50,000 and eventually go fully paperless to help protect our vulnerable environment. In order to achieve this, for every 1,000 print reduction we achieve this week, we will make a contribution of €10 which will add up to €1,000 for our charity of the year ALONE. The relationships and communities so many of us take for granted often exclude our older neighbours who feel isolated and cast aside, which is why we back ALONE in the fight for personal dignity and providing support.

So here's what I learnt:

  • That EY is looking to build a future that is able to support our clients and future generations' needs.
  • EY gives me the knowledge and tools to take action for causes I believe in.
  • That no matter your seniority, EY lets everyone contribute to making your voice heard.
  • The actions I take at work have a lasting impact on our natural environment, by following the steps provided by EY I can reduce my negative contributions and increase my positive impact.