Timi's story

Timi is a confirmed ‘people person’. He likes people. And people certainly like him. His CV reads a little like a Robert Ludlow novel. Very long, and incredibly exciting.

Timi is (deep breath) an award-winning blogger, photographer, social media consultant, artist, curator, EY consultant and father. There’s an office rumour that says he’s actually a Time Lord from Doctor Who, because we simply don’t know where he gets the time to do so much.

However maybe it’s best we allow Timi to tell you himself.

“I am Timi, a 29 year old graduate of DIT. My passions include a wide range of activities from photography to technology trends and the blogging world. After living in Ireland for the last 14 years, I've come to love the atmosphere and the culture of everyday life; the atmosphere and culture of the country but more specifically Dublin. The city has fed my passions and ultimately brought me to where I am now... EY.”

Timi, this being an EY recruitment website I’m contractually obliged to ask you, so, why EY? To be fair, there’s a lot of good reasons but what especially drew you to the mirror building on Harcourt St.?

 “I chose EY not just because of the opportunities available in what is one of the world's most respected employers but because of the internal culture and the outward looking nature of its activities. If you had asked me two years ago if I would ever work in an office, I would have said no. Having a chance to intern in the advisory department in EY changed my mind!”

Timi, other than being an award-winning blogger, social media guru, photographer and stellar EY employee, is there anything else we should know about you?

 “For some reason, I am able to jump really really high! It makes for great photographs but I'm hoping that will translate into my career trajectory!”

These are the vital skills we seek. One final question. Are you a Time Lord? Have you unlocked the powers of time travel?

“I couldn’t say.”

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