Aoife's story

Aoife is gradually making her way east. Starting in postcard pretty West Cork, she moved to Cork City to study accounting in UCC. Whilst in Cork she joined EY for a two week work placement first, then a summer internship. EY was so impressed with Aoife they sent her further east to study for a masters in accounting in UCD’s Smurfit School of Business. Right now she’s working in Dublin’s docklands, helping to Audit one of Ireland’s largest and coolest Tech companies (we can’t say who, but you can guess).

“EY treated me differently to the other big 4. I did two weeks work placement in another company and was stuck doing the usual intern schtick. At EY, they recognised that I showed potential so they started giving me real work. I was welcomed in as a part of the team and trusted to offer my views and ideas. I felt valued.”

She decided to stick around with EY. She joined the Dublin Office as part of the EY Assurance team on their Graduate Programme.

“EY was just right. Their client portfolio was the best. The people were brilliant. And also, unlike other companies that do audits, instead of being limited to only auditing companies in a certain industry, with EY I got to experience companies from a vast swathe of industries. Every project was different. I started auditing a multinational drinks company then moved into the tech industry. The next company I audit could come from any industry, the variety is what makes working with EY so rewarding.”

“I joined Audit for a number of reasons. One of the best aspects of auditing a company is that over the course of an audit you come to learn and know the company intimately. Sometimes you even get to know the company better than the staff there. Last week, a new joiner asked me a question about the business and I was able to tell him all he needed to know. Working for audit with EY is like working for several companies all at once and I love it. It’s always new and fresh”

“I love working with EY. My team is fantastic. Every Friday the Partner on our audit team gathers us all together to discuss any issues we may have encountered over the week. There is a genuine support network, which I really appreciate.”

So what’s next for Aoife? What’s happening for her outside of EY?  Keep traveling east?

“Yes actually. I come from a horsey family and we’re heading over to England to support our horse Fenya’s Elegance in a Three-Day Eventing competition. I can’t wait. We’re pretty confident, she was part of the Irish Team who qualified for the Olympics in Rio at the World Equestrian games in Normandy.”

That’s quite a horse.

“Then this summer, a few friends and I are heading out on a three week trip around Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. After that, I’ll start heading back West. Back to Harcourt Street and onto the next EY client.”

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