Welcome Home to EY

Are you considering the move back home?

No doubt the world is a wonderful place, and few people know that better than the Irish who have made it a national trait to get out and explore it. The Irish have a historical predisposition for emigration, that’s why you’re never far from an Irish bar, wherever you go.

However there is an interesting characteristic that applies for most Irish emigrants. We never lose our Irishness. We become Irish-American. London-Irish. An Irishwoman in Paris. In some cases, we even become more Irish. Our accent thickens, and we start enquiring about GAA scores at home. This sticky Irishness might explain why most of us, when we live abroad wonder at one time or another, whether we’re trundling to work on a rickety old subway, or elbowing our way onto the underground, maybe even just sitting in traffic on George St, ‘what would it be like to be at home in Ireland right now?’

The weather might be better abroad, but nothing quite matches that one rare day of summer, and the whole island rejoices, and you decide “sure we may as well have breakfast, lunch, and dinner out the back garden.” Washed down with real tea and fresh digestive biscuits that haven’t flown halfway across the world.

It would be nice wouldn’t it? To be home. Where you can knock on a door, and know your folks will answer it. To be back in Ireland and grow with it, as business thrives and our cities are rejuvenated.

We know you’ve thought about it, entertained ideas of moving home. You’ve probably even looked up the price of plane tickets. EY Ireland is looking for people just like you. Our company is growing, with opportunities available in every corner of Ireland and we want you to join us. We’ll even help you with the cost of moving home!

Why not upload your CV here. Our recruiters will take a look and be in touch if we have the perfect opportunity for you.